Public Administration & Strategic Management

Most people fails to find the relation between Public administration & Strategic management. Let me explain it for you.

Public administration is the specific course of study specialized in implementation of government policy properly. Public administration also prepares prepares civil servants for working in the public service.

Strategic management is one of the most important “hard skills” in business management. Strategic management is the formulation and implementation of the major goals and initiatives taken by a company, based on consideration of resources and an assessment of the internal and external environments in which the organization competes.

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Importance of Learning English

There are thousands of languages in the world. But all the languages are not equally used. English is the most extensively  used language in the world. English is 53 countries’ first language and almost  400 million people use it as first language. From different researches it is seen that almost every five people can speak or understand english. Originally it is the constitutional language of Englad, other than Englad People in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Africa, India, and many small nations speak English as first language. English is the generally adopted as the second language in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands .The use of English has increased due to the endevour of the British Emperor.

English is called the language of science. English help us to establish our view point. Reasearch from all sectors, many world top films, books are published in English. We can only understand them when we are able to know English. Otherwise we will fall behind from knowing many things. By knowing English we can widen our knowledge and access to the great entertainment.

In the job cirular of all the international company prefer the English knowing candidate. If anyone know English then it is easy for them to acquire international job easily.

In the education sector, English is essential.  In order to make the material more accesible to the world’s students all the higher education books are written in English. In different countries of the world there estabised english medium schools and colleges to make their children expert in English thinking about their future world.

On the other hand English is essential for travelling and business. When visitors visit any country for business or any other purpose then to communicate with them a common language is needed and English can be used as a representative as it is common foreign language.

Now a days English is known as the internet language. Almost all the websites are written and created in English. Almost all the commucation medium such as Facebook, Twitter, Google etc… are browsed in english. So in order to get in touch in international level one has to learn English.

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